Gujarati Movies Released in January 2019

Baap Re Baap

Baap Re Baap is s Family Drama Gujarati Movie highlighting a father and son relation. Everything in their life was fine, Rajeev loses her wife. His son, Ajay goes into depression which leads him to misbehave with his father. Ajay’s nature brings everyone close to him into huge trouble. Now, he is on a journey to save his friends and family. You can also, check Latest Gujarati Movies.

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Have Thase Baap Re

Have Thase Baap Re is a Gujarati movie that talks about the generation gap. Whereas the movie is directed by Nirav Barot talking about a father to show his son that there is no generation gap, but only a problem with his thoughts. Kiran Kumar (Father) plans with his old friends to show that the Old people are no different from the current generation. This is really an entertaining movie that everyone should watch.

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Short Circuit

Short Circuit is a Sci-Fi Gujarati Movie directed by Faisal Hashmi starring Dhvanit Thaker (Sammy) in the lead role. This movie showcases how Sammy gets involved in an Evil plan made by a Scientist. This later leads him to fight with the Scientist to save her love Seema (Kinjal). Overall, The movie has done decently in Gujarati Box Office and people have loves this unique concept.