Polam Pol Movie Song, Sapnaao Sacha Thashe Lyrics – English

Polam Pol is a 2016 Gujarati language movie directed by Tejas PadiaaSapnaao Sacha Thashe song from this Jimit Trivedi, Ojas Rawal, Jinal Belani, Jayesh More, Prem Gadhavil, & Sunil Vishrani starrer Polam Pol, is composed by the music director Paresh – BhaveshIqbal Qureshi has provided the Lyrics for this song: Sapnaao Sacha Thashe, while Palak Muchhal,Farhaad Bhiwandiwala & Shree Dayal has provided the voice. Below in this article, you can find the details of Sapnaao Sacha Thashe Lyrics in the English language(s).

Movie:Polam Pol
Song Title:Sapnaao Sacha Thashe
Movie Director :Tejas Padiaa
Music Director:Paresh – Bhavesh
Singer(s):Palak Muchhal, Farhaad Bhiwandiwala & Shree Dayal
Lyrics By:Iqbal Qureshi

Sapnaao Sacha Thashe Video Song from Polam Pol movie

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Sapnaao Sacha Thashe Song Lyrics in English

Sapnaao sacha thse,
ajvadi raato hase, (x2)
prem ni e pado kevi hase,
prem ni e pado kevi hase,

tara vina kem rahoon,
hoon janu na,(x2)
dilni too vaat jaane,
to su thase,

oo…dilni too vaat
jaane to su thase,

sapnaao sacha thse…,

chori chori maraa dil ma too j samayo,
jaane jaane too ajane mari prit bandhayo,
haan…chori chori maraa dil ma too j samayo,
jaane jaane too ajane mari prit bandhayo,

taro maro sathvaro kevo hase,
haan… taro maro sathvaro kevo hase,(x2)

sapnaao sacha thse,
ajvadi raato hase,
premni e pado kevi hase,


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