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Gujarati movies News and updates

Gujarati film industry is one of the major regional and vernacular film industries of the cinema of India. It is also referred to as Gollywood, a word derived from Gujarat and Bollywood. 10 to 20 movies are released in Gujarat every year.  Here you will find the details of the latest Gujarati movies News and Updates.


9 August 2019

Hungama House:

The Soundtrack is finally released today by Zee Music Company. There are 4 mp3 songs we have mentioned below. You can check in legal music channels for Hungama House.

1.“Mithi Mithi Vaato”Iqbal QureshiPalak Muchhal, Favad Bhivadivala4:47
2.“Tari Mari Jodi”Paresh HinguFalguni Pathak, Osman Mir4.10
3.“Dhing Dhing Dhamal”Iqbal QureshiNakash Aziz, Tarnnum Malik3:43
4.“Atrangi Ankho”Iqbal QureshiNakash Aziz, Tarnnum Malik4:37

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