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List of Latest Movies From Gujarati Industry

List of Latest Movies From Gujarati Industry

List of Latest Movies From Gujarati Industry

Here we are introducing the list of latest movies from the Gujarathi industry. Everyone should know the details of the latest movies and their details of the movie and full movie downloads. Its time taking browsing on Intenet, nowadays people were busy in their works. Don’t worry we are helping to find the needs for you. We are introducing the latest Gujarati site for you, in this site we are placed many movies like genre, rating, hit, year base. Definitely we will help with what you need.

S.No Movie Name  Director  Lead Roles Rating  Description
1 My Dear Babuchak Dushyant Patel Ravi Omprakash Rao, Arti Bhavsar 7.5 The movie is directed by Dushyant V. Patel and featured Ravi Rao, Arti Bhavsar, Jitu Pandya and Vidhi Shah as lead characters. Another popular actor who was roped in for My Dear Babuchak is Khushali Vyas.
2 Tu Chhe Ne Rehan Chaudhary Shyam Nair, Dimple Biscuitwala 4.5 College mates Virat and Megha are very much in love, but the failing health of his mother forces Virat to move to another city so that he could take better care of her. Can the youngster save both his ailing mother and his relationship with Megha? Or will he lose them both?
3 Fakebook Dhamaal Manoj Patel Soham Shah, Rutwa Patel 4.0 Fakebook Dhamaal is an upcoming Gujarati movie that focuses on the effects of social media on people. The film establishes the fact that although social media has a positive side, addiction can also lead to many problems in life.
4 Kachindo Urvish Parikh, Abdul Wahid Siddique Raj Jatania, Bhawini Gandhi, Krupa Mishra 7.5 Happily married and settled in Paris along with her husband and five-month-old baby, Lajja had it all until the day her world turned upside down. As the line between truth and lie is blurred and even bloodied by a brutal murder, the young woman`s life spirals out of control.
5 Bau Na Vichar Hrutul Janki Bodiwala, Bhavya Gandhi, Devarshi Shah 8.0 A resourceful youngster with a unique vision joins a reality show for entrepreneurs, hoping to win it and thereby prove his worth to his friends, family and business partners.
6 Jalsaghar Atul Patel Hiten Kumar, Jeetendra Thakkar 8.0 Jalsaghar is a Gujarati movie released on 10 May 2019. The movie is directed by Atul Patel and featured Hiten Kumar, Jitendra Thakkar, Yamini Joshi, and Hitesh Raval as lead characters. Other popular actors who were roped in for Jalsaghar are Rajesh Thakkar and Khevna Rajyaguru.
7 Saahil – Zindagi Ni Shodh Ma Saurabh Bhatt Prem Chopra, Rajan Rathod, Viveka Patel 4.0 Saahil” is a movie about a well-known young journalist who specializes in sting operations. Amidst an ongoing sting, he gets caught. As a result, he finds himself on a stranded island but he must find a way to survive in order to publish his exclusive expose.
8 Babukaka Ni Cha Karan Rajput Kalpesh Rajgor, Harshik Rajput 5.5 When the trio falls for the daughters of a local don named Patel, they decide to do whatever it takes for the sake of their romance. What follows is a series of hilarious incidents, which forms the crux of Babukaka Ni Cha.
9 Jigar Jaan Bapodra Naresh Kanodia, Rakesh Barot 7.5 Jigar Jaan is a Gujarati movie starring Naresh Kanodia, Rakesh Barot, Yesha Gandhi and Aarti Soni in prominent roles. It is a drama directed by Bapodra with Mayur Nadiya as a musician, forming part of the crew.
10 Chasani – Mithash Zindagi Ni Abhinn – Manthan Manoj Joshi, Divyang Thakkar 8.4 A chance meeting takes Rahul and Ramnik on a journey of discovering the true meaning of love.
11 47 Dhansukh Bhawan Naiteek Raval Gaurav Paswala, Rishi Vyas 6.6 A Crime Branch Special Officer Investigates the Serial disappearance of high profile individuals in a state capital.
12 Dhunki Anish Shah Pratik Gandhi, Deeksha Joshi 7.3 Two friends start a food delivery business after quitting their well-paying IT jobs. Their shared journey as young entrepreneurs managing a start-up comes at the cost of personal sacrifices and will test their mettle.
13 Vijay Path Jayesh Trivedi Pratish Vora, Dilip Darbar 4.9 When a criminal is sentenced to death by Justice Saxena, Dilawar Singh, the gangster’s brother, takes revenge by killing the judge’s family and his driver. The driver’s son vows to settle the score.
14 Kutumb Bapodra Vikram Thakor, Akash Shah 6.2 A close-knit family comprising of five brothers and a sister-in-law work hard to send the youngest brother to the city for education.
15 Montu Ni Bittu Vijaygiri Bava Aarohi Patel, Maulik Nayak 8.5 The conflict between families arises when a traditional Sikh man falls in love with a woman from a strict Muslim household.
16 Cheel Zadap Dharmessh Mehta Darshan Jariwala, Soniya Shah 8.0 Two con artists try to outsmart each other and the police. Simultaneously a film writer is looking for a good story for his next project.
17 Bajaaba – The Daughter Ramesh Karolkar Neelam Patel, Dhara Janak 8.0 It is the story of a victim of child marriage, who got pregnant at the young age of fourteen.
18 Hungama House Hanif Chhipa Chetan Daiya, Chini Raval 9.0 only problem is the one condition set by Meera’s foster family: the guy marrying her should be an orphan just like her, for the sake of better compatibility and understanding.
19 Teacher of the Year Vikram Panchal & Shounak Vyas Shounak Vyas, Alisha Prajapati, Ragi Jani 5.5 After winning the California teacher of the year award, Mitch receives a tempting offer that may force him from his job.
20 Bijjo Divas Lucky Anand Yesh Dravid, Nirmit Bhatt 6.5 It is said, “College days are the golden days of one`s life”. But are the days after college golden? This film takes you on an adventurous college ride full of happening moments.

Best Comedy Drama Gujarati Movies – Don’t Miss To Watch

Best Comedy Drama Gujarati Movies

Best Comedy Drama Gujarati Movies

Many people search for the details of the many movies, here we are producing the details of the best comedy-drama Gujarati movies. In this place, we will produce the top-rated comedy movies produced. Gujarati Movies Family drama movies are popular and in the hit list. In 2017 Director Vipul Mehta with Carry on Kesar the big hit for Gujarati movie audience. The movie also gives the best message for the audience. Bansri Bhuptani, Manoj Joshi, Kimberley Louisa McBeath are films are entertaining in 2016. Gujjubhai the Great movie impressed the audience. Siddharth Randeria, Jimit Trivedi was acting very connective and entertaining the viewers with their movies.

Carry on Kesar

Story of a couple in their 50s who have lost all hopes of becoming parents are inspired by the good sort of forced by a 20some youngster to become parents. This child in this 20some girl teaches a couple equivalent to their parent’s age, the idea of ‘Never give up’ and age is ‘just a number’. A slice of life comedy meant for the entire family, not only tickles your funny bones but awakens the dying hopes of several childless couples in India. It not only inspires the childless couples but also hints the youth to dedicate themselves to their passion.


Bey Yaar

In the desperation to earn quick money, two best friends put their moral values at stake and end up losing their pride and dignity. They then choose a wrong path to set things right and snatch back what was rightfully theirs. Best friends Chako and Tino steal a valuable painting from Chako’s father’s shop to make quick money. To redeem themselves, they embark on a path to set things straight by getting it back to him.


Gujjubhai the Great

Hasmukh Gandhi has a simple philosophy: enjoy and let enjoy. But his stress-free life is interrupted when his daughter, Tanisha comes home with her boyfriend, Montu. While everyone in the Gandhi family has fallen for Montu’s charm, Hasmukh sees him for the trickster he is. The trouble is no one approves of his choice. Bakul Buch, Hasmukh’s hardworking manager has always had a soft spot for Tanisha. But has never been brave enough to talk to any woman, let alone Tanisha. Hasmukh puts in place a series of events that soon start to go terribly out of his control, with some totally unexpected consequences; Bakul has no choice but to play along, and Montu is onto them at every turn.


Chhello Divas

The movie revolves around the lives of eight friends and their journey of growing up while they face the highs and lows of their relationships. Love and romance, the end of their college days and the beginning of a new life. Eight young friends experience a series of adventures and misadventures as they make their gradual transition to adulthood in their last year of college.

Kevi Rite Jaish

The film is a satire on the fascination, nay, obsession of the Patels – a Gujarati farmer community – of migrating to the USA. Over the last half, a century lakhs of Patels have migrated to the USA and have come to dominate its Motel industry by dint of hard work and persistence. The story revolves around one such Patel family and its uncounted tries to immigrate to States.

Wrong Side Raju

2016 Indian Gujarati thriller drama film directed by Mikhil Musale. Starring Pratik Gandhi, Kimberley Louisa McBeath, and Asif Basra, it is inspired by a hit and run case that happened in Ahmedabad in 2013. A driver named Raju embarks on an extraordinary journey of redemption by forever changing the lives of 3 people due to a controversial hit and run accident. Raju Bambini, an innocent driver, is framed for an accident his influential boss’s son commits. As he sets out to prove his innocence, he faces numerous challenges in his quest for justice

Thai Jashe

Thai Jashe! is an upcoming Gujarati film written and directed by Nirav Barot. It is about the struggles of a middle-class man to achieve his goals in the metro-city Ahmedabad. The film stars Manoj Joshi, Malhar Thakar, and Monal Gajjar. Pranav Joshi Pappu a middle-class Brahmin boy living in small village Jetpur in the Saurashtra region aspires to make it big of his life. He is now engaged to Kajal Bhat, the daughter of Harkkant Bhatt and Leelaben Bhatt.

Hutututu: Aavi Ramat Ni Rutu

Hutututu Aavi Ramat Ni Rutu is a Gujarati movie released on 01 January 2016. The director of the movie was Shital Shah and featured Parth Oza, Raunaq Kamdar and Shital Shah are lead roles. Other popular actors were acting are Shaina Shah, Abhay Chandarana, Ankit Joshipura, Aseem Parikh and Bhakti Kubavat. The story of the Hu Tu Tu Tu is based on youth, relationships, ambitions, and the twists of destiny. A tale – never told before.

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List Of Top Rated Gujarati Movies 2018

Top Rated Gujarati Movies 2018

Top Rated Gujarati Movies 2018

Gujarati Movie industry was grown to the movies releasing to compare to the other industries. In Gujarati movies cover all audience genre movies such as family entertainer, Action thriller movies, Romantic movies, and they cover all kinds of people. Director Neeraj Joshi’s  Sharato Lagu Movie in top place from Gujarati movies, based on rating is high in his movies. In this year Siddharth Randeria acted two movies, those movies are in hit list based on rating and collections.  Below in this article, we are providing information about a List of top rated Gujarati movies 2018.

List of top Rated Gujarati Movies 2018


SI Movie Name Director Lead Role Rating
1 Sharato Lagu Neeraj Joshi Malhar Thakar 4.5
2 Dhh Manish Saini Naseeruddin Shah 4.0
3 Ventilator Umang Vyas Jackie Shroff 4.2
4 Natsamrat Jayant Gilatar Siddharth Randeria 4.0
5 GujjuBhai: Most Wanted Ishaan Randeria Siddharth Randeria 3.9
6 Lamboo Rastoo Mihir Bhuta Jay Soni 3.1
7 Shu Thayu Krishnadev Yagnik Malhar Thakar 3.4
8 Reva Rahul Bhole Chetan Dhanani 3.4
9 Midnights With Menka Viral Shah Malhar Thakar 3.1
10 I M A Gujju Sunny Pancholi Rohit Roy 3.1
11 Family Circus Viral Rao Raunaq Kamdar 3.0
12 Suryansh Sachin Desai, Kamal Patel Freddy Daruwala 3.3
13 Tari Maate Once More Saurin Choudhary Bharat Chawda 3.1
14 Back Bencher Kirtan Patel Dev Desai 3.1
15 Oxygen Chinmay Purohit Rohini Hattangadi 3.2
16 Fera Feri Hera Feri Girish Mohite Karan Bhanushali 3.3
17 Chhutti Jashe Chhakka Durgesh Tanna Janki bodiwala 2.8
18 Chitkar Latesh Shah Hiten Kumar 3.0
19 Satti Par Satto Santram R Verma Neha Joshi 2.5
20 Vandha Villas Chinmay Parmar Prapti Ajwalia 2.3



Trending Gujarati Movies News and Updates

Gujarati movies News and updates

Gujarati movies News and updates

Gujarati language film industry is one of the major regional and vernacular film industries of the cinema of India. It is also referred to as Gollywood, a word derived from Gujarat and Bollywood. 10 to 20 movies are released in Gujarat every year.  Here you will find the details of the latest Gujarati movies News and Updates.


9 August 2019

Hungama House:

The Soundtrack is finally released today by Zee Music Company. There are 4 songs we have mentioned below. You can check in legal music channels for Hungama House.

No. Title Lyrics Singer(s) Length
1. “Mithi Mithi Vaato” Iqbal Qureshi Palak Muchhal, Favad Bhivadivala 4:47
2. “Tari Mari Jodi” Paresh Hingu Falguni Pathak, Osman Mir 4.10
3. “Dhing Dhing Dhamal” Iqbal Qureshi Nakash Aziz, Tarnnum Malik 3:43
4. “Atrangi Ankho” Iqbal Qureshi Nakash Aziz, Tarnnum Malik 4:37